Our services work together to deliver a benefits program that is easy for employees to digest, simple for the HR department to administer, and impactful to your organization's bottom-line.

Advisement & Consulting

Financial planning and strategy is the cornerstone of any brokerage and Forsite is no different. We offer unique, forward-thinking advice to keep our clients' plans sustainable. With common sense reporting and analysis, employers have peace of mind in their decision-making.

Carrier Partners

When working with Forsite, employers have the strength of top service relationships with carriers behind them. Our partnerships span all the major fully insured and self-funded relationships in the marketplace for health and ancillary benefit plans. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of integrity with our insurers.

Employee Help Line

Give employees direct access to an expert support team. Whether they have claims, billing or benefit questions, our team of advocates can bring quick resolution and simplify an often complex consumer experience. HR Administrators get a robust support system to handle a host of services.

HR Tool Suite

Reinforce your policies and resolve human resource challenges with a 24/7 support suite. Whether you prefer self-serve attorney-reviewed answers or direct contact with seasoned HR professionals, we offer support to keep you compliant with ever-changing employment regulations.

Employee Education

Informed employees are more satisfied employees. As costly as insurance benefits are, it’s imperative to ensure employees understand what they receive. Forsite offers multiple channels to educate employees through digital, print and in person communications.

Onsite Clinic

At the Forsite Health & Wellness Center, employees get access to disease management and acute care at an affordable cost. Using a Nurse Practitioner, employees gain access to primary care services including the ability to prescribe medications.


Wellness At Our Core

To improve top-line growth, you need a workforce striving to be the healthiest they can be, which means you'll need smart strategies to encourage active lifestyles. That's why we place wellness at our core of all we do. It has the power to change culture and motivate and inspire employees.

By partnering with our sister company, myInertia, we offer a complete package, helping you deliver an annual program centered around verifiable behavior change. Our services include:

  • Wellness consulting with industry experts
  • Integration with the latest fitness tracking devices
  • A customizable points-based incentive platform
  • Ongoing corporate activity challenges
  • Fully supported account management

How it Works

Our tried-and-true five step process ensures we execute the best strategy to engage employees in a meaningful benefits program.

Step 1: Gather Data

Discovering what makes your organization tick is the most important step for us. We begin by assessing your culture and programs. As the quarterback of your health and wellness benefit relationships, we ensure the appropriate insurance carrier and vendor relationships are in place and aligned with your vision. We will learn about your existing initiatives, budget and goals. With that information gathered, we will have the necessary understanding to analyze how we can help.

Step 2: Strategize

After collecting the right data and context, we put our team to work. Our benefit advisors team together with our wellness consultants and account management team to strategize how to maximize your budget and benefits. Through a series of financial analytics, we combine our passion, experience and knowledge to come up with a plan of action to achieve your short and long-term objectives.

Step 3: Build

Once we meet and agree on a strategic plan of action, the building starts. We work together to design plans, contribution structures, integrated wellness initiatives and an education approach to engage employees in their benefits year-round. Together with your committees and internal champions, we’ll align everyone around that plan to ensure a successful implementation can be achieved. Internally, we also determine how our value added support tools can simplify HR and Benefits Administrator lives.

Step 4: Implement

When we implement our plan and programs, employees receive the necessary digital and print communications to engage. From access to their personal wellness platform, to custom videos, an online wellness store and more, they can track their progress towards your company’s incentive goal and participate in program initiatives like flu shots, annual biometric screenings, and fun physical activity challenges. We also introduce them to Forsite Assist, a benefits advocacy helpline for their ongoing benefits questions.

Step 5: Report

Continued success with your benefits program requires consistent evaluation. Our analytics tools will monitor your program’s performance with verifiable data and no-nonsense reports. From service metrics, to healthcare spending, to wellness activity, we’ll tailor the appropriate analytics for you so we can measure the success of your benefits program.

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